To some persons, the issue of climate change makes no meaning to them, while to some, it still remains one of the challenging issue in their lives. Climate Change! Climate Change!! Climate Change!!! Many seminars and conferences have been organised concerning it in the past are still more are on the list. The people of the mother earth are crying bitterly for something to be done.

But I keep on wondering why majority of those crying and asking for something to be done are the poor masses. Does it mean that they are the only one the adverse effects will affect? I am not dying the act that our leaders are not working towards finding a lasting solution to it, but they are doing with with a lot of diplomacy for the fear of what they will lose. They consider more their businesses more then the lives of human that are in danger. Man can be a brute sometimes.

Click here to read what students all over the world are saying about climate change. Please, don’t be indifferent. In your own little way as an individual, you can still do something through creatinf awareness in your community, educating people around you on what climate change is all about and its effects on human and the universe, and being a good ambassador for a positive contribution to global change.


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