Not every activity in life needs force. There are certain things in life that when you are doing them, you just have to be gentle and even kind. If you are not, you will turn everything into a mess. Not only do we have to be gentle and kind only in certain activities, but also to ourselves (body).

Back then in school, I had a friend by name Jonson. This guy believed that in life, once force or muscle is not applied in anything he is doing, it would not work. This young man was an element. He practically used to do everything with force. There were three main activities that characterised him; bathing, tooth brushing, and application of body lotion. When taking his bath, it would be like where two or more persons were fighting. The same thing when he would be brushing his teeth. One faithful day, the sound from his mouth while brushing his teeth woke me up. I asked him, “Jonson, are you fighting with someone?” He said, “No.” I asked him again, “Are you having irons in place of teeth in your mouth?” He said, “No.” While I was still speaking, our next door neighbour came to complain too that the noise was disturbing them. I smiled and went out because I didn’t want to laugh at my neighbour who just came live in our apartment a few days ago. The sounds he used to make while brushing his teeth were of different types. You would be hearing something like kpachi, shuu shut,  kwii kwii, hou hou, etc. The interesting and most funniest part was when he would be applying lotion on his body. The sound his hands used to make on his body was like the sound of a smack. The rhythm alone I cherished most. Once he has started, I would either live the room or look for something else doing. He was really an interesting fellow and a comedian because at the end  he would apologise for what he did. But the same thing would repeat itself the following day.

I believe the ladies are different. They take their time in doing all their activities, not refusing the fact that they can spend hours just to dress up sometimes. But in terms of bathing, brushing of teeth, and applying lotion on their body, they are gentle to the core.

Guys please, let’s us learn from the ladies. I know many guys out there are in the same situation like Jonson.



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