Our parents gave birth to us. Under normal condition they will leave this world before us. A seed must die before it can start growing. Make every failure in your life as a stepping stone to your success.

Learning is good. Getting a degree or a certificate from a university is good. If it has no impact on the lives of those around you, throw them away, they are useless.

Don’t wait until you get all you need in life before you give a helping hand to someone. From the little you have, help others .If you can’t, then you can never help even when the whole world will be given to you.

The ants are the most organised insects in the world with a perfect society. We can learn from them by mere looking at them in their environment.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are living? Unless you define and discover it,  you will end up living your life for others and by others.

1 * 3 and 3 * 1 in mathematics are the same in every situation except in drug prescription.


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