On the 12th of July, 2000, I took my first flight from Nigeria to Ghana. It was a very terrible experience. The fear, the anxiety, and the emotion in me were like a mixed world. Since then, I never prayed to take a flight for any reason. How I wish, in some trips one can take buses, or cars, or trains, or ship. My first experience made me a deaf person for a week.

I have never for once trust any machine. As long as it is made by human beings, there is every tendency that it will one day fail. And what they will call it will be “Technical Fault.” After one of the major earthquakes in Rome, Italy, I stopped taking the substations. When you see the number of kilometers one is below the ground, you will know that when that so-called “Technical Fault ” will occur, no life will be saved. I mean no life will survive it.

In plane, I don’t trust any gadget. Yes, they are there but I always see them failing when the need to use them arises. You may say that I am pessimistic or my thoughts about them shouldn’t be negative. But I always tell myself the contrary.

Ethiopian airline has been my favorite for the past four years. But I am already afraid of my next flight with it. It is a terrible experience to die in a plane crash.


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