Life is beautiful. Life is interesting and worth living when love takes the lead. But many can still make it interesting even when love is not there as long as they still have love for others. But when this love  is tempered with, life becomes uninteresting, unrealistic, miserable, and unhappy for some persons.

We all love to be loved. All human beings have this instinct in them. One can sacrifice his or her life in the name of love. Love is something that when it is real, life becomes heaven on earth, sweet, joyful, interesting, pleasant, and the like. All true relationships are based upon it. But sometimes when we give it out, we don’t get it back in return. It gives joy when you give love and you get it back in return. It is painful to love and not to be loved in return. It is painful when those you love don’t care whether you love them or not.

The irony about love is that, when you give it, don’t always expect it in return. When you love someone, it is expected that he or she should love you back. But when the contrary is the case, don’t worry, keep loving. Sometimes those we don’t expect to show us love are the ones showing it to us. Don’t worry, just extend your love to them. When you love, always prepare your mind to welcome the opposite in case, because it may not return the way it was given.

Let love lead each day of your life. As long as you prepare your mind always to welcome its unpleasant return, you will always find a reason to love.


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