Once upon a time, when I was still an adolescent, I attended a burial ceremony of a family member, an old man who died after a brief illness.  When the corps was exposed for people to see it, I went with my father and mother. Something captured my attention and I was very curious to know why it was like that. My attention was captured by the facial appearance of the dead man. His face was like an angry man, line of wrinkles on his forehead and chicks. When I asked my dad, he told that he wasn’t smiling when he was alive. The reply was simple and banal but I thought over it for some time.

Some people smile for real while some smile just for smiling sake. The former is that one that comes from the mind, from self fulfilment, from self admiration, and from self satisfaction. Smile as we all know plays a vital role in our lives psychologically and otherwise. Its importance can’t be over emphasized. The latter is that type we put on our face just to give people the impression that we can also smile. A colleague in my university once asked me,  “Tony, why do people smile? ” For a few seconds, nothing came to my mind an answer to give her. Later, I told her that, people smile for many reasons. But one among these reasons is that smile relieves us from stress, worries,  and anxiety. And in doing this, we give our mind the possibility to reason well and function effectively. I made her to understand that our thoughts control us directly or indirectly whether we like it or not. And these thoughts end up forming our behaviour, our attitudes with time.

No matter your problems in life, no matter what you are going through in life, be optimistic. When we put on a smiling face, our whole biological system functions at it peak. Stress, worries ,anxiety, problems, etc are the things that can make us unhappy and not to smile. But once we start having a positive thoughts towards them, we will then learn how to smile and smile very well.

Don’t allow that smile to be an enemy to your face. Learn to put on a sincere smile on your face and you will see that half of your problems in life will be solved. I am living testimony to this.

Happy Sunday to all



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