I could remember that very night she told me she was okay after dinner. “I have eaten, I am okay,” she said. She sacrificed her meal for me that very night. I saw her in the middle of the night where she was scrubbing the bottom of the pot just to have something to satisfy her tongue and not her stomach. This was one act among millions of them. Tell me why I shouldn’t celebrate them when they are still alive, healthy and kicking fine.

Today, the whole world in a special way celebrates with our mothers. It is true that the place of a woman in society can’t be overlooked. They are wonderful creatures, people created in a special way by nature. We all admire them in one way or the other.

Sometimes when people complain about their mothers not doing well or not really living to their expectation, I usually ask them a single question which is, ” What would have been your fate in life if your mother weren’t there for you when you were born?” Some used to tell me that, other persons might come to their rescue, or they would have been taken care of by another caring mother if they were dumped after birth or nature would definitely look for a way out. They are all right. But the interesting part of it is that no matter where you find yourself as a child, there will always be a woman there who will be taking care of you.

Our mothers have really laboured for us. They gave birth to us, took care of us when we were vulnerable, harmless, unprotected, uncovered, prone to all attacks from all angles. They are really a gift to humanity. With this in mind, I say a big thank you to all our mothers outside there. In a special way, I wish all my female readers and followers blissful day ahead. Enjoy yourselves for you deserved to be celebrated.


Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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