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Each day in our life is an opportunity for us to achieve our dreams in life. A well-planned day would be well spent. Once each day of your life is not well planned, you may not achieve your aims or objectives for that day. 

Before going to bed, try to make an account of all your activities during that day. Be sincere to yourself as you make this retrospection. Start from the very moment you step out from your bed in the morning and walk thoughtfully through the day. Try to see those areas you did what you planned to do for that day. If they were well done, thanked yourself, be happy for that. But if they were not well done, try to know why and how to remedy the situation the next day because definitely such occasions will still present themselves the next day but in a different form. Don’t be discouraged if all your targets were not realised that day. The next day is another chance. 

Do everything possible not to repeat the same mistake each day. It is a bad element in self-discipline. Once you are truthful to yourself, you will always find a solution to all the difficult problems each day present to you. After this, draw a programme for the next day, starting with those areas you were not able to achieve the previous day. Be determined and consistent in this practice. Once you do this every day, your face will never lack a smile as you go to bed. Even in your dreams, you will see yourself happy and relaxed.