Life is meant to be lived, celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. But all these should be done with maturity and discipline. I so much like this old saying, ” Cut your coat according to your size.” Don’t dream of things that you can’t afford. I am not again the fact of dreaming big or high. Before you engage yourself in anything, think about it thoroughly. Don’t try to put your hands where they can’t reach. There are many posts on social media that used to make reflect about certain things amomg Nigerian youths. How could you explain this; a youth or an undergraduate making use of a gadget (phone) that could cost about N90, 000.00 and above whereas he or she can’t afford to pay her school fees and buy textbooks. The irony of the whole thing is that, this person isn’t a salary earner. And some who have laboured seriously to get such an amount of money, could still spend such to obtain a gadget of that price. They don’t care. They just wanted to follow the trend of the days.

Lack of priority in the lives of Nigerian youths is in their minds, while the opposite exist far away from them. It is like a dream that can never be achieved.

There was a post I read last time, where someone was trying to find a relationship among certain realities between the youths and their parents. Take for instance, my parents who are income earners, are using a phone costing 30,000 naira, while I myself, am neither a worker nor salary earner is using a phone costing about a 100, 000 naira. Think about this. Is it something normal?

Another issue that baffles me is this. Some persons can go to any length or extent to get these gadgets to their own detriment. One day at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, I met a friend. She was a childhood friend. I knew her family well and how her patients were really struggling to make ends meet just to see that their daughter had a quality education. Her family wasn’t all that very poor. But I saw her with a phone that could cost up to 120,000 naira. I never wanted to ask her how she got the phone. This was someone whose school fees was about 20,000 naira. And sometimes she could hardly pay it. There are many like her outside there on the street in Nigeria. There are many who are driving expensive cars, living in mansions, flying here and there. But their source of wealth still remains unknown.

These days, one of the major things the youths think about is how to hammer. That is the slogan they are using. They want to hit the nail on any type of wood whether soft or hard, without knowing that each type and size of wood has its own specific nail. All they want to do is just to hammer. Their lives are filled with woods and nails hammering on each other. Once they received any little token, what comes first in their mind is how to get the latest phone or gadgets in town. What a poor perception about life. Their sense of reasoning is between their nose and mouth. It is pity. Where it pains me alot is that, you hardly find a youth asking you money to buy textbooks or to do something reasonable. Since they have discovered this idea, some are now using it as a dubious means to extort money from their relatives and friends. Last time, one once asked me for money to pay some fees and buy textbooks. I opted to pay the cash online to the University and buy the textbooks also online and send. But my choice was rejected categorically. I was shocked. The negative impact of this kind of behaviour in the society is that, it keeps spreading like a disease. Seven out of ten are already infected.

I imagine when they will start their own family, how will they cope once they are not able to maintain that same lifestyle. The effects will be more on the ladies than the men. Our universities are filled with leaders of tomorrow with little vision and lack of responsibility in making choice in life. They have refused to cut their coat according to their size. When you tell them, it will fall on deaf ears. When you look at them in their various campuses, they are money grubbers with desperation on their faces and in their eyes. I know that in certain family, there is a certain age you must reach before you can start dreaming of having a phone. And the start must be with something very simple. It is true that now, things are drastically changing. Young people even at the age of 10 years old and above can now have a phone.

My fellow youths in Nigeria, let us invest first on developing ourselves in all ramifications. Wealth is not a measure of your worth. It is a pity we live in a society where wealth and riches measure someone’s worth. But in reality, it is not true. When you see Phyno, Davido, Yemi, Tekno, etc, you will dream to be like them in a twinkle of an eye. Come on, how possible it is. When you see their expensive wares and wears, you will want to have them at all cost whereas you can’t be proud of 2,000.00 naira a day for instance. Those things are just illusions to you at that point in time. You can be like them if it is your vacation. You can be like them if you work on your talent as a future musician. But it will not be something that will come immediately. It takes time. Let’s us calm down, think about reasonable things in our life. There is time for everything. I could remember those days in my house, where watching TV was meant for the elders. Not that we the younger ones we weren’t allow to watch, but we were programmed. Only the adults had the full right to watch TV anytime they wanted. My parents used to tell me then that, everything has its own time. They were right. Presently, if I feel like watching the TV from Monday to Sunday, no one will dare stop me. At least then it gave me enough to study and enriched myself with useful things. You want to look like Amaka Itz, Ibtx tizx, Miralic Liz’s, etc on social media. There is nothing bad in trying to look good. But before that, think well to know your scale of priority and preferences in life. Remember you are not like them and forcing yourself to be like them at the wrong time will render your useless life.

Change is possible but it will cost us more because the worm has eaten down to our bone marrow. It will need a radical transformation and change.

Thanks for reading. Help make him or her better than you met them.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.


  1. You write up points to the height of moral decadence and lack of value bedeviling our society presently. The sad thing is that we have become enablers of such despicable trend by allowing those we care for receive those osentencious gift without explaining why they have earned it. The hammer syndrome captures it better, since it puts undue pressure on the unenlightened minds “to get rich or die trying”. At the end, the consequences is better imagined or experienced. Thank you for sharing and keep it up.

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  2. Mon pere bein aimer…… I don’t know what to say but this is the best so far..u just killed this one..thumbs up bro…..I want to propose if u can elaborate it more and it more like a story…it will really help us to youth to reflect more on it…messi Mon pere et bon nuit

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