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These you might have heard of but not all. I deemed it necessary to explain to you some peculiar features in my country of residence. A wonderful country, filled with good things whenever you visit the great Vatican City. Don’t fail to alert me whenever any of you come around to ay a visit. I will be glad to take you around if possible.

Italy is a mountainous country. There are two mountain chains. The tallest is the Alps, found close to the White Mountain which is the tallest mountain in Europe. Then, there are the Apennines Mountains found close to a mountain called the Gran Sasso in italian. There are many islands in Italy. But the two major ones I once visited are in Sicilia and Sardegna. That of Sardegna is smaller than that of Sicilia. The longest rivers that are mostly filled with water are found in the north. Po is the longest river in Italy.

Here we take more of wine than beer, more of pasta than rice, more of coffee than tea, more of vegetables than meat, and more of sugar than salt. Hope to see you someday here.