He can go to an extra mile to win your heart

True love exist. It flies in the sky like a bird.

It sounds real. Sometimes men go the extra mile just to win the heart of someone they thought they love only to discover that they were wrong, they were chasing the wrong persons.

The highest heart attack or heart break a man can have is when he discovered late that he has been dating the wrong person.

Love is blind they said. But on that head carrying the two eyes that can’t see, put a brain box there so that you can be directed well.

Something prompted me to write this post. Men can be good but sometimes cruel in their action. We men can go to any extent just to get what is under the skirt of a lady. We are ready to pay the price no matter what it will cost us.

There was a lady then in my neighborhood ,who was pretty and gorgeous but somehow rude to guys who tried dating her. Though she was a good Christian but still had a lot to do in terms of controlling her pride. She was the talk of the town. For her, her fiance must be a good Christian life her and must be an evangelist.

There was a criminal. He once told his friends that he loved that lady but his friends made jest of it and ignored him. When they saw that he was mean, they were surprised. Some made mockery of him while some believed him. A few weeks later, he detached from his gangs. He desisted from going to rob and started going to church. From every indication, he appeared as a repentant sinner. This young man met the lady in question in one bible seminar. They both exchanged contact and from there they started calling and chatting. From there, their love for each other started growing. The lady was fully convinced that the young man was the right person she had been waiting for. A man so dedicated to the things of God and the church. Five months after their encounter, they decided to get married. Finally they got married and started living as married couple.

For some time, his wife had be noticing some strange noise and movement at night. She had been taken it for granted. On few occasions, she had discovered some stains of blood on the wears especially the trousers of her husband. But she wasn’t bold and courageous enough to ask him. She was afraid he might not digest it well. Procrastination was the repelling force stopping her not to tell him. Since they got married, her husband had stopped every communication with his gangs. He joined a new group of armed robbers. One faithful night, while he was out for an operation, his wife pretended as if she was asleep. Meanwhile, he used to take the back window of their kitchen to escaped and through the same route, he would enter his house. The wife, on that day, went and dropped a glass cup just by the side of the window so that once he tried opening the window the glass cup would fall. She succeeded perfectly in her plan. He caught him red-handed.

Love you all my dear readers for making out your time to read my post. 😘😘😘😘😘😘


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