Good body shape and healthy mind have always been the desire of everyone if I am not mistaken. Some have tried and failed. Some started but weren’t consistent. Some are still dreaming far away from their mind how and when to start. Registering in that gym centre isn’t a guarantee that you will get what you want if you are not consistent in the little day to day practice I will show you just below.

I will like to tell you that, keeping fit is not difficult. It will only cost you not more than an hour each day. Sometimes I laugh when some persons complained about space in their rooms or houses. Come on, it is simple. If there is no space in the parlour, go to the bedroom. If no space in the bedroom, move to the kitchen. If no space in the kitchen, go outside your compound or yard or quarters in an open space. If worst comes to worst, remove your bed or centre table in your house and start doing something. Start doing something. Just as one of my friends will always say, “Spray something. All perfumes are perfumes even if you have to spray insecticide, spray it.” Though, it sounds funny but message is that, you just have to start somewhere no matter how small.

Try these at home on daily basis with consistency. Stretching of body parts, yoga, press up, exercises on your spinal cord, waist twisting, abdominal exercise, etc each for 3/5 minutes will give you what you want. Another thing to watch out for is your diet. Don’t eat like Ozo or Ite. Eat wisely; more of vegetables and fruits. You are lucky if you are from Africa because there, you still have and can find fresh and natural fruits /vegetables. Send your meat menu to the land of the dead. Replace your meat menu with more veg and fruits. “Ntachi osa nkpuru osisi.”

You can be going to gym everyday day but as long as you can’t control your diet and eat wisely, your efforts, money, time and other resources will be a total waste. Start now, it is never to late.

Good morning to you all !!!!

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

8 thoughts on “KEEPING FIT

  1. hahahaha β€œNtachi osa nkpuru osisi.” funny though it sounds, but it’s real.
    thanks for sharing this wonder piece. The truth about life is determination! and you shall find things moving you way.
    kudos madotonero!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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