I WEEP FOR AFRICA. Tell me, is this normal?


It is our fault. Put the blame on us, our lovely future children. We are sorry, we can’t change the situation. 

 I am sorry, I did this to you. I was unable to change the situation. I thought it was for a while but before I knew it, it was already late and no turning back.

We produce food but we are dying of hunger. 😥😥😥😥😥

“Blood Diamond,” watch it with a sense of reasoning and not only with emotion, then you will know… 😭😭

Who did this to us? Our wealth has brought us misery rather than development. 😭😭😭

Our natural resources produce billions of dollars but not even a portable water was given to us, not to talk more about electricity, road, etc. People die of hunger and in misery while their lands produce billions of dollars through the sale of the diamond.

The government gives amnesty to them because they are afraid. But to the victims, nothing was given. They are left in abject poverty. Is this normal?


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