Every human person has something to offer to humanity in one way or the other, in order to make the world a better place for all. This invariably implies that your action can influence your life and the lives of others around you either positively or negatively. We all cherish happiness, wanting to help one another and to love one another. This has been the true human nature from time immemorial. When I look at the injustice going on in our world today, the words of Charlie Chaplin strike me with passion, inflicting on me the wound of longing and eagerness to have a human mind; a mind that can extend a helping hand to the other, a mind whose happiness depends on the happiness of others. We don’t need to go the extra mile of defining what justice is since every culture has its own definition for the word “JUSTICE.”   

The world has been fractured to the extent that people now live in fear and in total confusion. People are afraid of what the future holds for them because of their shattered hope. Common resources and individual’s rights have been privatised by some persons, leaving others to die of deprivation and starvation.  A child born in one part of the same world cannot understand why a child in the other part can’t afford a three square meal a day, can’t comprehend how the other child can live in an environment without electricity or water or basic necessities for days, months, or years and he or she is comfortable. The same child can’t believe that the other child can’t afford to go to school because some persons don’t care about his or her well being. It seems like a mystery to him or her, but it is a reality in the world of the other child.  It is funny indeed. This child has turned his or her sorrow, misery, pain, agony, etc from something abnormal into something normal and lives with them each day.

According to Charlie, “Our world is been ruled by EMPERORS who want to conquer everyone; Jews, Gentiles, Black, and Whites. These emperors have barricaded our world with HATRED. They make their gains, profits, wealth, joy, and happiness at the detriment of others. They have blindfolded themselves from the reality that the mother earth is rich enough to provide room for everyone.” Every blessed day, we see people losing their lives in wars they never asked or bargained for. The business keeps going on, and the emperors are doing everything possible to keep the business flourishing. Their business can only progress in a fractured or broken society and never in a stable and peaceful one. Many countries, especially in Africa have been victims of this so-called business.

My dear people of Iraq, till when will our land stop drinking the blood of innocent lives been killed every blessed day? We were all one until antipathy and greed came in-between us and divided us, giving us a mind of stone and not that of flesh, a machine mind and not a human mind. Why are we fighting? For how long will this continue? Are we fighting just to keep the business of the emperors flourishing or are we fighting because we like fighting? Are we fighting because we want freedom? If we need freedom, then we can’t be killing our brothers and sisters. It makes no meaning because our fight should be for their good and not to their detriment. How can we explain this to the younger ones who still don’t have that sense of reasoning like an adult? Which answer do we have to give to them if they should ask us why we are fighting? If we tell them that we are fighting for freedom, the question will still be, “Do you have to kill our brothers and sisters in order to gain freedom? What kind of freedom is that? I think till now we have not found the right answer to give to them.  Definitely, they will hold us responsible.

My beloved people of Syria, whenever I think of you, I feel like committing suicide. I weep day and night in pain and agony. I feel like begging the heavens to rain down peace for you. I feel like possessing a magical power that can automatically transform your sorrow into joy, your pain into pleasure, your misery into contentment, and your emptiness into fullness. We fight as if fighting has become our daily bread. The news headlines on international journals can’t terminate their works without having our name written on it as a country in a terrible situation just because of war. We fight but we don’t really know why we are fighting because till now, no reason has justified the WHY of our fighting. Look at the number of persons; our own blood we have displaced and sent unprepared to a different part of the world as immigrants. Pain, misery, hunger, thirst, and agony have become the daily bread of our people. The emperors are happy that we are fighting, and we are so plunged in it that we fail to recognise the harm we are inflicting on ourselves. Damascus, you were not made to be so. As Chaplin said, “We need humanity, not machinery, and kindness not cleverness. Without these two elements, life will be nothing.” Before, we could play and swim in water, but now, water has become like gold us, a precious gift that people can no longer get even to quench their thirst. Our hope has been shattered. Our so-called helpers have abandoned us and their only concern is how to sell more of their machines to us so that we continue the killing and fighting.  

My precious people of Yemen, we were once living in peace, not hating or despising one another, until the heart of our people were poisoned by acquisitiveness. The BARBARIANS were not contented with our happiness despite our nothingness. And the only way they can conquer us is to plant the seed of war in us. They did, and the seed is growing perfectly well because it found a fertile land in us. That moment we allowed their seed to grow in our heart, we sold our liberty to them and bought slavery in return. We can no longer look at one another and smile as before. Our joy has become a thing of the past. My precious people of Yemen, our oppressors are free, delighted, and relaxed. But we are in slavery. For how long will this continue?  

My people of Cameroun, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Congo, I hold you at high esteem, where have we gone wrong? According to Charlie, “Knowledge has made men cynical. The present system of government has made man to torture and imprison many of us. The misery, fight, and wars in us were the product of greed, bitterness, and hatred of men who are fighting against human happiness.” We longed for independence, thinking that getting it will go a long way to solve many of our problems. But it was the contrary. The monsters were so wise that when the servant came asking for land to cultivate and to possess it as his own, they gave him land to plough without giving him seeds for the sowing so that he will come begging for it. Every form of imperialism has given rise to a new hybrid called “NEO.” They called it DEMOCRACY. But is it really democracy? It is not. Instead of it uniting us, it is dividing us. They said our leaders are dictators while in the real sense they are the Lords of dictators. They said our leaders are enslaving us. But if we go down to the root of the problem, we will see that they are the ones who laid the foundation of slavery.

You will never understand what it means to live in a war zone and to be born and brought up in a war zone. Look at the little child, crying and weeping day and night because since he was born, he or she is always on the move, from one desert to another. Many mothers will see their sons and daughters dying on their hands. What a painful exit and experience. Many people walk in the desert for weeks, days, and months without food and water. Their homes are no longer fit and comfortable to house and shelter them. Both old and young are dying of malnutrition. And even when aids are coming, some persons will even place an embargo on them. But weapons keep entry our land day and night without hesitation and embargo. Who is really doing this to us? They are the monsters, the barbarians, the emperors, the brutes.

Every country in our world has experienced war in one form or the other. But then, we may say that it was a collective fight for true freedom and liberation, and many countries then regained their freedom and are living in peace to a large extent. But in this present age, the war is not a totally collective one. It is a war to impoverish the other. It is a war to make the oppressed people feel the power of their oppressors. It is a war that has become a business for many so as to exploit the other. The emperors have decided to sow the seed of hatred among nations so as to make their affairs progress. They hate simply because they are unloved and maybe unnatural. Millions go without food, water, electricity, clothes, etc.  None of us made a prior choice where he or she will be born. We never made that choice, nature made the choice for us. He or she has never chosen to be born in either in Yemen, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, or in Syria.

Today one of the biggest issues facing some European countries is the problem of immigrants. Every foreigner is an immigrant once he or she is living out of his or her country for the quest for a better life and a good working environment. But there are migrants and immigrants. Immigrants are escaping for their dear lives. They are running away from war. I so much like the way the game is unfolding itself. Many will say the oppressed people are not reasonable. How can they just accept to be killing themselves through the command of a higher power? Are they kids? They are not. But these are men who have sold their mind to the emperors and in return, the emperors gave them a machine mind.




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