The long awaited date is here. The moment people from North and South, East and West have been waiting. Yes, it is a moment and a precious one for that matter for my people to decide and choose who they want that will be their leader. The crucial moment that is deadly and sometimes bloody.

The fact still remains that we do the voting and they do the counting. Logically, it will make no sense for one to vote because whether you vote or not, what must be must be. They have all what it takes to rig the election. They have the power and all the mechanism needed to handle the whole situation for their own favour. But there is still that atom of believe and conviction that our voice will make a meaning even though it will be like a drop of water inside an ocean. Preparations on the ways, strategies and mechanisms in place because no party wants to lose. All parties must do everything possible even beyond their reach whether good or bad to make their way through.

Be careful. This is the time your future will be giving to you in advance in the form of a token. This is the time, you will be tempted to sell your future and that of the future generations just because you think that you are poor, good for nothing, unemployed, and the like, without thinking about your personality and dignity. This is the time your oppressors will pretend to like you, care for you, and ready to support you. Projects approved for the past years that have not been executed, this time he will start it because he wants your vote. While all these is happening, you fail to understand because you are already blinded in misery, poverty, suffering, hunger, unemployment, etc. This is the time many will sell their future under the umbrella of half bag of rice, a pack of matches, a sachet of salt and a token of N1000. 00. In any form they may come, try to think twice and do what is right. But what can be said for those who have lost their sense of right, their sense of dignity, and their sense of personality? If you are in any of these categories, you can still make a change. Better you suffer for doing what is right than to suffer for doing what is wrong.

The choice is yours. But remember, as you are making your choice, the future generations will bear the consequences. Pity them and make the right decision. Better to die a hero than a coward.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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