“You protect our interest and we protect your power,” Don said, smiling with the cigarette well positioned between his second and third fingers. “It is not a big deal, as long as my power is protected, ” Cury said. The game had to be played in a way that both parties would benefit from it.

There are weapons to be sold from one side and resources to be exploited in return. The country was in peace and things were moving smoothly. But there were weapons and other ammunition needed to be liquidated, Don was eager to increase production. The weapons must be used, they must be sold. One of the persons Don had in mind was Cury. “In a year, your tenure will be over. And your people are not ready to make you their leader for the second time, ” Don said to Cury. “It is very obvious that such will happen from the look of things around. There must be a way out but I don’t want blood to be shed,” Cury replied him. “But remember, we agreed to protect your power while you protect our interest. As long as you want to remain in power, I will do everything to make it possible. Cury, this is business.” There was silence. Cury who had tasted power desired to remain in it. “Just a little distraction and you will have your way Cury. ”

Few months to the election, there was a war in the country due to an unjust political maneuver that was done by some prominent political leaders. The country was divided into three groups. Weapons had their proper place during that period. Don was able to accomplish his plan on the weapon deal. Many lives were lost and Cury unjustly won the election.

“The casualties are much. I never knew it will get to this extent. And the war is still going on, ” Cury said to Don at his first visit to him after his victory. “You don’t need to worry yourself Cury. For you to remain in power in order to meet your part of the deal, your people must be distracted by something.” “Not to the detriment of their lives. It is really disastrous,” Cury said. “Haha! Disastrous you said. War has always been disastrous. Just like a snake will always bite you even as you try to save it from danger, so do lives have to be taken when there is war. If it is not disastrous then it will not be called war.” You protect our interest and we protect your power and your government.” “Yes you are right Don, but there can still be an alternative way, ” Cury said to him. “There are many of them like the one going on. For now, this is the highest distraction that is needed to shift your people’s attention. There is no going back. The deal has been sealed. Any compromise will be disastrous for you. I know you now know the meaning of disaster when war is evoked,” Don replied to him. “But when will all these wars stop? Till the very day, your people decide to free themselves, including the master himself.”


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A writer, a teacher and a comedian.


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