You can’t totally understand the pain someone is going through. Help if you can. And if you can’t, please, leave instead of increasing his or her pain.

Procrastination don’t only make you lazy but it also kills your dreams. Put in little each day and you will be overwhelmed by with the result of your little effort.

Changing the story of your life will make no meaning until you are able to change the substance of the story of your life.

Marriage is not meant to be celebrated but to be lived. If you doubt it, ask a responsible married person.

Failing many times never makes you a failure. But remaining where you have failed makes you a notorious failure. Rise up from where you have failed and continue the struggle.

When you are tired and fed-up in the middle of a struggle, try to look back and see how far you have gone. That alone should be your driving force. Courage, don’t give up.


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