Life is made up of one road with many lanes. Be mindful how you treat others.
Think about it!

Be careful not to break the centre. When the centre can no longer hold, things fall apart in your life.
Think about it!

Until you start your day by dressing your bed, your may not accomplish much that very day.
Think about it!

Be patient enough to listen to the pain of others. You may be their best doctor in life. For not all pains have cure in the hospital.
Think about it!

To my newly married friends, always tell your children that they can make it in life no matter what and that they are valuable. Your words are the building blocks of their future.
Think about it!

The hearts of men are like machines now. The sense of love, care, solidarity, etc which form its layers have been cleaved by greed.
Think about it!

To all my unmarried friends, don’t be in a haste. Marriage is not a certificate or an achievement, but a school without a certificate. Try to learn, be humble, and understandable when you will be admitted.
Think about it.

Thanks for reading. Try to apply them in your daily struggle. Life has never been easy and will never be easy. Take it, hold it and embrace it as it is.


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