Eight days ago, we all waited for the great day, but our hope was disassembled. Many reasons were given for the unexpected news. Keep calm, time is another name for God. Come rain come sun, the day will surely come. Keep optimism ahead of you.

Politics is believed to be a game. A game of what? Everyone has his or her own answer. But the fact remains that, we do the voting while they do the counting. Should we not vote because we are not the one counting? Or should we not vote because we do not trust those who are or will count our votes? It is an answer that is difficult to answer. Also many will say that strict measures have been put in place to will help prevent any manipulation. Even if it is a computerised machine that will count the votes, it will still be a human being that will still work with the machine?

We have to know that we have only a day to decide how we will be ruled for four years. Come to think of it, that you were asked to make a dish or menu that will serve you for four years. I guess you will take your time to prepare it well with all precautions taken. Then, why can’t we take our time and think very well on whom to vote and be ready to participate in it actively? We have been carried by political parties’ names and not candidates. It seems as if we vote for a party and not for the right candidates. Last time, people thought since the vice was a professor, he will assist the president very well. Yes, he did and still doing his best. I am not against them. But the people need something more, they urge for something better than what are seeing now, they are expecting more. But what they are seeing now is beyond their imagination. Many have even lost hope.

If I may suggest, why can’t we try other political parties and see what the result will look like? Because from the look of things, we have been doing try and error for the past years. Now we have a future vice from one of the known parties as someone whom we believe is a guru in the aspect of economics and other areas in the country’s problems that needed immediate attention. Don’t you think that what is happening now to the present vice may happen to him?

Please, let us think well, we just have a day to decide who will rule us for four years, I mean four years. The best thing to do is for us to play our part by voting and the rest we shall see.

Thanks for reading.


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