United we can make it

It takes years to grow a seed plant into a mature tree but can only take few seconds or minutes to bring it down. We can’t totally condem the present government that they are not working. They are doing their best. But sometimes the citizens doubt if the country is been ruled by the people they elected legally or by a different set of people.

We all yearn to have a good governance, where justice and equity will flourish and all will benefit from the resources of the nation. But one thing that keeps my mind off balance sometimes is that we all forget that the contribution of everyone is needed in all levels starting from the family. We can’t sit down and look up to the government to do everything for us. There are duties and obligations we need to carry out as citizens. We complain that they are stealing public money or fun forgetting that the very moment you rubbed your fellow human being’s belongings, that act is also termed as stealing. That moment price changes from 200 to 1500 ; school demanded for N100, teacher told students or pupils to bring 200, child told parent (mama) 400, and mama will infom papa that it was 1500. You see how it goes. Come to think of it, if that child should find himself or herself where he or she has access to billions, the same thing will happen.

Together we can make the country great. It is true we do the voting and they do the counting. There is no cause for alarm. Let us play our part diligently and allow the rest. It is more painful when you suffer because you failed to do the right thing than when you did the right thing.
Have a nice day


7 thoughts on “United we can make it”

  1. It’s a very good article in my opinion. It calls to consciousness the fact that nation building begins with every individual.
    When individuals make contributions and and establish a government to handle their contributions, that government should be accountable and failure to do so should be treated accordingly


  2. Fantafabulously stated, in just few short and precise line you outlined the problem of our country Nigeria. It’s our country, not the government’s. It requires a collective effort to build the country of our dream. Each person is an actor in the movie of building.
    We’ve said it all, we all need to play our roles well…
    God bless you Sir


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