Life is all about service

For years, he has been jobless after studies. One fateful morning he received a text message for a job, something he has been longing for years. On the appointed day of the interview, John set off for the journey.

          He bought his ticket and boarded a bus. After some kilometres, arriving at a particular spot, the driver had to drive slowly due to pot holes around. Suddenly a loud sound was heard behind the bus. What happened? The two back tires bust. John knowing full well that time was not with him took an alternative. He boarded a car that would take him out from were they were to a place where he could find a better means of continuing his journey. The car drove for about 20km and halted. There John finally boarded another bus for his final destination.

          While on his way, the thought of not meeting up with the job interview preoccupied him for time was almost against him. The bus he boarded broke down on their way in an isolated zone, and this time around, it was the car engine. Immediately John inquired and was told that his destination was about 7km from where they were. He decided to trek it. He kept walking and sometimes jogged. Just at the entrance of a town, he saw a man whose car had broken down and stranded. He walked close to him without giving it a second thought. He asked him: “Sir can I help you?” He had a flat tire and John helped put everything in order. The man asked him where he was going. John replied politely to him without any sign of regret for spending his precious time helping him. He finally took John to his destination. But unfortunately for John, on his arrival, the job interview has ended.

          John was bemused. Where he was standing helplessly the man who brought him came close to him, took him by his left hand and walked inside a section of the company. They both came into an office where a young man was working on a desktop computer. Immediately the young man saw them, he stood up and greeted them. There At that point, John came to realise that the man whom he helped along the way while coming was the chief executive officer of the company he applied for job. Right there the job was given to him without interview. “I never knew I could make it,” he said. THE END    

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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