The world is very small,

Sometimes it is very excruciating in life when you find yourself in a situation that you can act or react in order to remedy it. One fateful afternoon, I was coming back from school in a public transport. majority of the passengers were whites, only few blacks were there. So there was a black guy who was answering a phone call with a high pitch voice. An elderly woman sitting beside the young man in the same bus, who was unable to bear the inconvenience created by the voice of the young man. She then in a rude manner asked the boy to stop the call, that he should alight from the bus if he wants to be making such a noise in the name of answering call. She poured courses on the young guy, saying that we Africans very soon, we will all return to our countries, that as we enter their country through ships, we will all die in the sea, and so many other insults. The young man was very quiet, he never said anything. When I alighted from the bus, she also did. I never knew we were going the same direction. That evening I was to attend Mass in a Chapel inside a catholic guest house. Ten minutes before the Mass, I felt a touch on my shoulder where I was kneeling praying in the chapel. Behold it was the woman, shedding tears. She held me hand and said, my son, I have really offended you and… she was speechless and was just crying. After the Mass, she called me and placed a piece of paper in my right palm and left silently. I opened the piece of paper when I got to my house.Behold what I saw was wonderful and educative. She wrote “never discriminate” 


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